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"It’s Brilliant" -Lisa Lambert
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“That was the most hilarious play I’ve ever seen in my life!” - a 5 year old kid

“What happened there?” - A lady

“It was hard to tell if the play took place in a school Gymnasium or a Circus. - Vue Weekly

“Come watch 4 stars give a 5 star performance! - Jason Hardwick

“A drink helps.” & “You can sip a drink as you ponder what the hell is going on onstage.”

- Alan Kellogg, local theatre blogger/drink enthusiast

Merk du Solapocalypse


---- carol chu ----

Started performing years ago, when she got up on stage at a Ted Talk to adjust a microphone cable.



---- andrew brostrom ----

Let's get things straight, Chet doesn't "get" theatre. He’s here for the paycheck. Joke’s on him.

Merk du Solapocalypse


---- kristina hunszinger ----

The love child of beloved German death metal ukulele ist Bartholomäus "der Scharfrichter" Einhorn and controversial former circus icon "Boogerz the Clown."



---- jake tkaczyk ----

Once opened for Cher – a company dedicated to sharing all things.

Yvonne Boon


---- yvonne boon ----

Studies microbiology. Dabbles in The Arts to stay relevant.



---- josh travnik ----

Has successfully avoided too much instruction that may “dim his star.”

Merk du Solapocalypse
Merk du Solapocalypse


---- rebecca merkley ----

If an Enigma had a love child with Kathy Bates. 



Headliner "Merk," along with her Sideshow Boobs, have to complete a death defying stunt by the end of the night. Will they succeed? This one-lady circus spectacular with no circus and more than one lady features some of the most talented stupidity you'll ever see!


Merk deux Soleil

A one-lady circus spectacular sequel to the ‘critically acclaimed’ one-lady circus spectacular, Merk du Soleil. Featuring new Sideshow Boob ‘Elliot’, a visceral dance piece and “actually attractive” actors who can sing, dance and play their own instruments. Sold out at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival.


Merk the Halls: a Holiday Soleil

A one hour Christmas spectacular with no Christmas, and more than one hour. Will “Merk” find the true meaning of Christmas? Come find out! 

Sold Out their World Premiere at The Sewing Machine Factory in 2019!


Merk has sold her beloved theatre space to a religious organization (due to these trying times). Sideshow Boob Evelyn and New Boob Janeen, take her back in time to undo this catastrophe. Will they save art? What is Bill 10, really? I can haz Cheezburger? Stay tuned!


Yvonne Boon, Carol Chu, Kristina Hunszinger, Rebecca Merkley, Roxanne Côté.

      "I still remember sitting in the fanciful tent with the free opening night drinks, and the complimentary popcorn, waiting with anticipation for Curios to begin when it came through town. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, and yet my heart doesn’t shatter and my soul isn’t crushed knowing that I’m missing more Cirque du Soleil shows.


     However, as I sit here on Vancouver Island knowing that exactly 1235 kilometers away, Merk and her Sideshow Boobs are taking the stage, I am inconsolable with grief.


    I was lucky enough to see the first 'Merk' (with Josh Travnik, Kristina Hunszinger, Rebecca Merkley), and I have to say that it was possibly the hardest I have laughed at a Fringe show in 10+ years I have been attending the Fringe Festival (and I didn’t need a drink, Kellogg). The stunts were imaginative, the bits were priceless, and the music was imperfectly perfect! The story is heart warming and makes me feel feelings of happiness as well as more happiness.


    I have been closely following each instalation via social media, and each season looks bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Merk (Rebecca Merkley who I would almost literally give my left arm to be in a show with) runs as tight ship with her usual flair and panache as her Sideshow Boobs set the stage while all being held together by the One Lady Band (there are no words to describe her brilliance Yvonne Boon). Social Media shows me perfectly executed characters, photograph angles, and some wonderful Instagram takeovers that really gave me insight on what it means to be a Boob. It’s lovely to see these "actually attractive" people do something on social media as well as on stage.


    And now some things for promotion: this show is by far a glowingly positive poster worthy quote. 

   Watch the 4 stars on stage give a 5 star show."


- Jason Hardwick


Merk du Soleil

Rebecca Merkley

Kristina Hunszinger

Josh Travnik

Andrew Brostrom

Merk du Solapocalypse

Rebecca Merkley

Yvonne Boon

Carol Chu

Kristina Hunszinger

Roxanne Côté

Maura Penn

Merk Deux Soleil

Rebecca Merkley

Emma Ryan

Josh Travnik

Jake Tkaczyk

Andrew Brostrom

Merk the Halls: A Holiday Soleil

Rebecca Merkley

Kristina Hunszinger

Josh Travnik

Sammy Lowe

Andrew Brostrom

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